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Universal Products Inc Company 

Universal Products Inc. has served the plastic injection industry for 30 years, providing custom molding, toolmaking, product testing and more. With training, experience and expertise, we provide custom injection molding services for manufacturers in the automotive, office furniture, appliance, marine and other consumer goods industries.

After a product has been designed, we make molds that meet your needs, down to its most intricate details. We can quote any size part or project. From the smallest components to the largest pieces such as auto body panels, office furniture, appliances, boats and recreational vehicles, we turn your designs into practical molds to make profitable products.

We start each project by learning and understanding its specific use and inquiring about the needs of the company ordering a particular part, piece or product. We get to know the companies that use our molds by building relationships; then conveying the customer’s exact needs to our toolmakers and other employees. We work hard to meet out customers expectations and needs. 

Our Customers

Our customers know they can call on us to produce their molding projects with high-quality and cost-effective service from start to finish. We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and helping them succeed in business. We continually strive to streamline our vendor-customer relationships. We like to exceed expectations!


If we can meet our customers in person, we enjoy building solid relationships that involve them in the molding process. When we can’t meet them in person, we use phone, fax, email and electronic devices to ensure the results they want. We count on tool reviews or web-based reviews to help understand every customer’s specific needs.

Our Employees

At Universal Products we encourage team work, pride and excellence in performance. Our employees make Universal Products a great company! Our staff is made up of 60+ people with up-to-date technical skills, along with training in customer service.

At Universal Products we take pride in providing products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our employees are: 

  • Trained and professional

  • Compensated competitively for their work

  • Offered incentives for meeting top production standards

We consider our employees our most valuable assets. Each person on staff is charged with the responsibility and authority to deliver products of the highest quality, ensuring customer satisfaction at every level.


Safety is a top concern at Universal Products. Our work environments are:

        • Clean, Orderly and Safe

        • Climate Controlled

        • Open Celled

Our doors are open to our customers and our employees are courteous and friendly.

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