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Engineering Projects

We take pride on high efficient production and superior quality control, we can meet the plastic injection molding needs of any company. Our experienced employees will always address any specifications or concerns of your project with you throughout the molding process, and deliver a high-quality product on time. We can also help you save money and time by offering assembly and sub-assembly services and “blind drop” shipments.

Injection Molding: Automotive

Painted Instrument Panels (IPs)

Many leading manufacturers in the auto industry count on Universal Products to provide expert molding for parts, panels and other features for cars, trucks, vans, utility vehicles (SUVs), recreational vehicles (RVs) and other auto-related products.

automotive interior injection molding.png
automotive painted injection molding.png

Non-Automotive Plastic Injection Molding

- Appliance - Office Furniture

- Boat and RV - Material Handling

Other manufacturers, including producers of appliances, boats and office furniture, call on Universal Products for precision parts, pieces or panels needed to provide top-notch products for the public

battery box plastic injection molding.png
Material Handling plastic injection molding.jpg
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