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Project Management for Plastic Injection Molding 

Project Management

We take concepts, drawings and/or designs provided by our customers and transform them into finished parts or assemblies. After defining important details for high-quality and fully functional design, we set timelines, convey customers’ needs to staff and follow progress to ensure on-time delivery and complete satisfaction.


We like to meet our customers in person to build solid relationships. Whether we can meet them in person, or not, we involve them in the process. Through tool reviews or web-based reviews, we strive to understand our customers’ needs and requirements.     We use electronic media to present customers with images for approval.

Tool Building

  • Automotive / Non-Automotive

  • Domestic Partners / Overseas Partners

  • Customer Input / Tool Reviews / Web-Based Reviews

Estimating and Job Tracking

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

  • Clearly Defined Steps and Charges

  • Assigned Responsibilities

  • Performance Driven

  • Tracked Progress

  • Minimal Waste

  • Cost Effective

Tool building - automotive and non automotive
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