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Tooling Capabilities

Tool Builds:

Universal Products sources tools to industry partners worldwide, both domestic and overseas. Our tools are built with customer input and direction from concept to completion. We keep in touch with our customers by phone, email or fax no matter where they are located.    


Our services include Design for Manufacturability (DFM), engineering to make our tools easy to use in any manufacturing process. We rely on tool design reviews to work closely with customers through the design, construction and validation, ensuring high- quality molds that fit perfectly.


For convenience of our customers, we go online or use electronic conferencing that allows customers to view part concepts and mold designs in progress. We avoid delay by addressing concerns or questions our customers may have throughout the molding process. We work hard to meet our customers’ performance needs and cost concerns.

tool builds
tool maintenance

Tool Maintenance:

Universal Products provides in-house preventative maintenance and repair, including flash repair, lifters and core pin replacement.  All tool maintenance projects are placed on tracked schedules, just as any other project, to ensure utmost reliability. We know how important it is for all of us to work together to generate the best results.

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