Plastic Injection Molding in Grand Rapids, MI

Universal Products located in the Grand Rapids Michigan area is an ISO/TS-16949 certified company. We have served the plastic injection molding industry for over 25 years throughout Grand Rapids MI and Nationwide.


Our high quality custom molds meet our customers requirements at cost-effective rates and, just as importantly, quick turnaround. We mold a wide range of parts and pieces for industries, including auto, appliance, marine, material handling, office furniture and recreational vehicles (RVs). 

Our parts and other products vary from visual to non-visual, painted or chrome. Our facility offers injection molding presses that range from 33 - 850 tons with robotic automation. We provide high-quality custom molds of varying complexity to produce parts in many plastic forms, grades, and in any color you choose. We guarantee that whatever the product, it will receive our highest attention to ensure conformity to your specifications and our high quality standards, precision work.  We value our customers and strive to exceed their expectations.

TON          (OZ. / MM)              Robot / Picker

  33              1.29oz.                               Picker

  55              2.97oz.                               Picker

  55              2.97oz.                               Picker

  75              N/A                                     Picker         

  85              2.97oz.                               Picker

120              4.44oz.                               Picker

120              6.04oz.                               Picker

165              11oz. / 45MM                     Picker

165              13oz.                                  Robot

165              13oz. / 50MM                     Robot

220              20oz. / 55MM                     Robot

400              48oz. / 75MM                     Robot

400              41oz. / 70MM                     Robot

400              54oz. / 80MM                     Robot

440              54oz. / 80MM                     Robot

500              41oz. / 80MM                     Robot

500              41oz. / 70MM                     Robot

500              48oz. / 82MM                     Robot

500              54oz. / 80MM                     Robot

500              54oz. / 80MM                     Robot

500              60oz. / 80MM                     Robot

550              54oz. / 80MM                     Robot

725              60oz. / 80MM                     Robot

725              76oz. / 90MM                     Robot

725              76oz. / 90MM                     Robot

850              95oz. / 100MM                   Robot

Injection Molding Robot in Grand Rapids Michigan

We have auxiliary equipment that allows us to add Sonic Welding, Hot Stamping or Pad Printing to our line of expert skills.  We also help our customers save on shipping and handling charges by offering drop shipments.

Universal Products specializes in long-range production, we can meet your needs with shot capacities from 3 oz. to 39 oz. at cost-effective rates. Contact us and get your plastic injection molding quote today. 

Our plastic injection molding factory is located in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. We are completely equipped with a variety of high quality automated robots, which are flexible and provide a maximum value. They are able to perform unique tasks such as in-mold labeling, decorating, and automated insert loading. Do you need a quote? Call us today at 616.863.0313, email or fill out our contact form.  


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